aka:  Josephine deBeauglais, Josephine Freemonte, Mrs Freemonte,

Age: barely 20.

Religious views: irrelevant

Adventuring skills and specialities: Fighting, empassioned speeches, being youthful and beautiful and other talents best not disclosed

Marital Status:  Married to Captain William Freemonte

Family connections: Daughter of a high ranking Queen’s Guard commander from Albion.


Josephine was born into a military family in Albion.  Her father was a high-ranking member of the Queen’s Guard. She grew up around the officers and learnt to idolise them as paragons of heroism, honour and virtue.  She trained hard hoping to join the Queen’s Guard herself one day. Then at sixteen things changed. She joined the adventurers guild after the Summer of Fire and fell in love with William Freemonte, who she had first met on the parade grounds when she was a small girl. For all that happened afterwards, she trully and deeply loved him and this was perhaps her one redemption.


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