Extract 2 – Summer of Fire.

GerVal was asleep and snoring like sludge descending a downspout when Daisy appeared three hours later looking pale and tense. The orc Danz and Clench the Goblin were wide awake and still on guard the others having sloped off to an alehouse the moment that GerVal had nodded off. They were balancing various different things on their sleeping leader in an effort to cover him in bits and pieces without waking him up. It was probably a good thing he hadn’t fallen asleep with his mouth open Daisy thought as she watched Clench trying to stick a snail on his dagger hilt. Heaven only knew where she had found the snail indoors but Daisy had decided it was best not to inquire.

Daisy never knew how to start talking to the Green skins. She wasn’t particularly good with people in the first place and from what she understood green-skins needed special handling – she wasn’t entirely sure why, it was just the impression she had been given. She cleared her throat and Danz looked up.

“Alrigh'” he said languidly. “Wha’s up?” Daisy shifted her weight from foot to foot, she did really know how to phrase her request, so she went for straight forward.

“We need the stuff, if you could bring it over that would be great.”

Danz nodded to her, winked and said “Right you are boss.” Daisy mumbled

“Thanks” uncomfortably and left as quickly as possible, unsure whether the use of the word boss was facetious or not.

When the green-skins arrived in the main hall laden down with the items they found Elor, sweat beading on his brow, surrounded by a gang of distracted, sombre-looking religious types.

“Excellent,” said Elor as he saw the three green-skins arrive. “If you could bring the items this way.”

Ger-Val, who still had one or two snails crawling up him and a salt spoon hanging out of his hair, was intrigued to note that Elor’s voice was quavering and as he approached he could see that the whole wizard was vibrating. Jarell the chinless seemed to be the only person in the room who wasn’t palpably nervous. Ger-Val thought that this was probably a pretty good indication that the silly sod had no notion what was actually going on because being a green-skin he was naturally suspicious of people who made claims about ridiculous things like destiny and divine provenance and turned down offers of liquor. 

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