A Quiet Life – from ‘The Winter Follows’ Book 2 of the AA Chronicles

Sylas had possibly lucked out even more than Tollie; he had been assigned to the cook-house. Tollie still couldn’t get used to Sylas with short hair.  It made his ears stick out. He might have to get up before everyone else but he was excused morning drill and he got extra portions at meals. Several of the other cook patrol thought this was more like a punishment than a bonus and complained constantly. Sylas didn’t point out that army food might be bland and homogeneous but at least it was better than quite a lot of the things he had eaten over the years – mainly because he hadn’t had to shoot it, gut it or skin it and it didn’t come with a face. None of the rations came with faces or feet or bones for that matter. This had led to several troubling rumours that the Frisians were breeding demons specifically for the purposes of feeding the army. Again, Sylas wasn’t bothered by this. The chunks of meat that came through were protein-rich, easy to cook and tasted better than badger, hedgehog or squirrel. 

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