Extremely open-minded Clerics

Jocelyn did the lion’s share of the talking, leaving the others to the odd sentence here or there. She introduced her partner as Brother Bernard. The clearly religious horrific caused the Chaos followers to bristle, although they were too busy being sullenly paranoid to actually say anything rude.

“We’re missionaries from the Temple of Reverential Justice in Port Selliar,” explained Jocelyn when she noted the reaction. Derek was the first to choke out the words

“So you’re Law Clerics?”

This was rarely good news, given how many adventurers were technically some kind of criminal, never mind about those who willingly followed the ways of Chaos.

“Yes,” said Jocelyn enthusiastically, then on seeing the look of poorly concealed horror on Derek’s face she added, “but it’s okay, we’re very open-minded.”

This comment lead to a snort from Morwenna that Iona translated as ‘challenge accepted’. This statement also troubled Derek, who was familiar with many clerical definitions of ‘open-minded’ including ‘we don’t insist on that you remain silent on the high-day’ and ‘we don’t always execute infidels who make fun of our relics.”