No-one’s royal in Aberddu

Aberddu gained independence in 1093ac and within in months it’s reputation as a renegade free state had spread across the continent.  It was a cosmopolitan melting pot where the streets were paved with gold that turned to shit in the dark  Peasants were not chattel, they were free – free to live and work, free to starve and die.  The ruling High Council were prominent citizens not aristocracy. No-one was royal in Aberddu and the only nobility were on the run from somewhere else. The servile order that maintained the status quo in old nations like Paravel and Albion did not exist, if a prominent citizen turned out to be a louse then they would take a one-way walk to gallows hill, just like anyone else.  In fact they tended to meet a somewhat more ignominious end than most, because people tended to dig out the really rotten vegetables and other such sanitary articles to throw at them as they travelled. The idea of wearing half the content of the midden as you swung by your neck was enough to keep most of the ‘prominent’ citizens honest or at least close enough that no-one noticed. It worried Iona frequently.

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