Tal Daris wasn’t Panicking.

Tal Daris wasn’t given to panicking. When you had spent as long in the resistance as he had, panicking was something you were happy to forego, mainly because you became acutely aware that if you wanted to spend very long in the resistance then panicking was something you had better leave to other people who weren’t so fond of their mortality. Honestly, he wasn’t really panicking now, he was just concerned. Very concerned. At what point did deep and enthusiastic concern become panic anyway? No he definitely wasn’t panicking, and the reason he wasn’t panicking was that there was bound to be a perfectly simple explanation for why he couldn’t find Tollie or Sylas anywhere in the city. He had tried the Adventurers Guild, although he wasn’t entirely sure why he thought they would have any clue. They didn’t have much clue about much else. The chaos was pitiful when he had dropped by a couple of days previously, no one seemed entirely sure who the guild master was.  – From The Winter That Follows (prequel sequel) 

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