Ground to a halt

For a change, this is not an excerpt from one of my stories. That’s mainly because I have, as the title of this post would suggested, ground to a halt. I have one group of adventurers kicking their heals on the Tartarian steppe, trying to negotiate a significant lack of  plot and another adventurer –  Tollie as it happens – just about to be drafted into guarding the slaves in a Frisian camp. It’s just not flowing – very frustrating as I’d cleared my whole weekend to write. Gods forbid I would only be working on two things at once – my third current project is a rewrite ofa book that I finished long ago and I’ve just realised what’s wrong with it. However, that’s not much fun as it’s basically editing in the extreme.  So, having got up early this morning I am forced to write a blog post as nothing else seems to want to come. *Holds hand to forehead in dramatic gesture*…. it’s so unfair!  Ho hum. I’m sure a few hours house work will fill in the time. 


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