Extract – The Winter That Follows (book 2, prequel sequel).

Escape was impossible. Not impossible – that was the wrong word.If he had been a different sort of adventurer, a different sort of person, he would have orchestrated a vast, daring breakout of slaves and gone with them. However, that was not Tollie’s style. A lone escape was impossible – for who would help him? The slaves wouldn’t aid and abett a turncoat guard, and the other soldiers would very likely kill him on sight for desertion. If he slacked off his duties he would be whipped with only marginally less force than the captives or worse sent to solitary with rats, spiders and iron rations. For all his repulsion at the idea of being stuck here, he could not bring himself to formulate a plan that would get him out of it. He had not yet dared to ask how long this duty would last, but he was going to have to stick it out. If he had been the kind of person inclined to that way of thinking, he would have started to pray for his immortal soul. As it happened, he was considering taking up religion because it seemed one of the few viable options left to him. If he could have figured out which God would want to listen to a panicking coward who had accidentally ended up on duty in a Frisian slave camp, he wouldn’t have hesitated. 

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