Extract from Rattatat

Rattatat – the newest Aberddu Chronicle, currently in progress.

“What about her teeth?” was all the Mulligan could manage.

“What about them?” retorted Luce with definite affront in voice.

“Well look at them,” returned Mulligan, “she can’t go parading around the Merchant’s District with a mouth like that.” Luce was just about to open her mouth to give Mulligan some very choice instructions when Clara cleared her throat and said,

“No problem gov,” Mulligan just looked at her, so she carried on. “Aint no problem at all, there’s a chap down the black market he’ll do ’em for two florins, one and an ‘alf if he’s down on his luck and outta cider.” Mulligan didn’t understand. He was too busy staring at Clara hoping for more explanation to see Luce giving him a filthy look. When further information wasn’t forth coming and Mulligan realised, yet again, that he was the only one who didn’t understand he said,

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