It’s great if you do. Indie authors like me who put their books out for free are glad that you do, it spreads our work around to new readers which is what we need. However, if you’ve downloaded a free book,
there is something that you really should consider as part of a slightly fairer exchange.
If you read something you’ve downloaded for free and you enjoy it then do a little something in return for the author, any of the following would make them very happy:
1. Rate and review their work on Amazon or Good Reads
2. Share the link to their book on Facebook or Twitter
3. Make a personal recommendation on your blog, twitter, facebook, staff room noticeboard, the wall of your garage… wherever.
4. Like them on Facebook and let them know you like their work, or follow their blog or twitter account.

Any of the above will take you about 5-10 minutes. To be honest, all four wouldn’t take an hour – just a fraction of time it took you to read their book and a tiny portion of the time it took to write.

Most of all – pass this message on. Indie e-book authors need your help to keep writing/publishing – they often aren’t backed by anyone and have no budget for advertising, editting or marketing. If you enjoy free indie e-books help the writers – spread the word.


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