A.L. Mengel is in the House

THe man who came up with #Writestorm – a strategy that has helped me and many others get ahead with our work.

The Life of Rochford

Today I am very please to announce I have a great guest taking over my blog, a man who needs no introduction but I’ll give him one any, ladies and gentleman let’s give it up for A.L. Mengel, author of the newly released Blood Decanter & #Writestorm:

Today he will be talking about his current works, links to where you can find them and of course you’ll get to learn a little about him to. A.L. Mengel is a Paranormal Fiction writer and blogger. His novels and stories have each been called a “complex examination of relationships” with strong antiheros. His works address issues of alcoholism, intolerance, grieving and death, fear of the afterlife, and the journey for understanding, among others. His protagonists, some of which are angels and demons, are frequently found on a search for purpose or transformation, which are recurring themes in his stories.

He is also…

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