Something Nice

I *almost* made the Unknown World Review this year.

Here’s what the nice lady said about me and my writing:

This year, the World Unknown Review received well over 100 submissions, exceeding my expectations beyond belief. Unfortunately, not only did this mean taking more time to review the submissions, but it also meant a lot of really hard decisions, as there’s only space for ten stories each year. Your story, “Plant the Woad by Twilight,” made the short list, but, unfortunately, it did not make the final cut. I’m going to have to pass on publishing it this year.
That said, I really did enjoy it. The language was absolutely enchanting, and it might have worked well as a counterpoint to another story in the journal that painted witchery in a less flattering light, but I ultimately felt the story wasn’t present enough, It’s strength lied in the description and the perspective and methods. Not to say there wasn’t a story and an interesting character to relate to, because there was, but I just craved a little more connection there. I wish you luck in placing them elsewhere, as it truly was an exceptional story, and I hope you’ll consider submitting again to us for future editions.

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