Up Close and Kind of Personal with…. Stewart Bint

Interviewed by LG Surgeson &

Clara Euphemista Cropper & Bread and Butter Pudding with Custard The Goblin aka as ‘The Amazing Bazooka Sisters’ 

Give us your name & any known aliasesStewart Bint author pic

Stewart Bint

Summarise your bio in no more than 100 characters

Ageing barefoot hippy, writer, compassionate

Tell us about your current work?

To Rise Again is a mix of paranormal, horror, science fiction and fantasy. It’s available as a paperback and ebook.

Synopsis: Just before the German occupation during World War II, the Marquand family flee their home on the island of Jersey in the English Channel, and never return.

Now, it’s the summer of 1983, and the once opulent Idlewild mansion is crumbling and derelict. The mansion holds a mysterious lure for 18-year-old David Simeon, who dreams of Idlewild years past, as it used to be. But who is the young girl he sees, endlessly wandering through its corridors?

As the nerve-shattering link between David, the girl, and the mysterious Idlewild comes to light, it it too late to stop the seeds of destruction and world domination planted there long ago, during Adolf Hitler’s last desperate throw of the dice in World War II?

The threads of 1945 and 1983 slowly intertwine to reveal a world on the brink of destruction.

Have you got anything else out at the moment?

Three other novels: In Shadows Waiting, Timeshaft, and The Jigsaw And The Fan.

We know you’re a writer, what else do you do?

I am a full-time writer, with two other writing roles as well as my novels. I have my own magazine column in a local magazine, and I’m a Public Relation s writer for the world’s leading CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) developer.

Who’s your writing hero and why?

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, because he created the most endearing and enduring fictional character of all-time, Sherlock Holmes.

If you could have been the author of any book in history which one do you wish you’d written and why?

The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe, because it’s a wonderful fantasy tale that appeals to children and adults. I regularly re-read it

Tell us about your writing rituals – do you write in your Pjs, in your garden, in the pub or in the altogether?

I’m always barefoot when I write. But then again, I’m always barefoot, full stop. I don’t think Alfie, my charismatic budgie, would like it if I wrote in the altogether, because my pecker is bigger than his 😉

When did you first realise you had a story to tell?

When my maths teacher kept putting little red kisses next to all my sums. I knew I’d starve if I had to earn my living through numbers. So it had to be words. It really began when I was seven, and watched the very first episode of Doctor Who, which has been my favourite TV programme ever since. I started creating my own worlds and characters in little blue notebooks until my parents bought me a portable typewriter when I was nine. And I started retreating into those worlds when my Dad died when I was 11. I made sure that whatever happened to my characters during the story they would be okay in the end – my imaginary worlds were much better than the real one at that time.

Do you ever get irritated with your own main characters?

Yes…when they go off on a tangent doing their own thing, and muggins here is simply being a reporter relaying what they’re doing instead of ordering them about.

What makes you feel like a real author?

Each time my new paperback comes out and I hold it in my hand.

Would you prefer to be a literary great or a cult hero?

A literary great. I know my writing isn’t great literature, and while my readers tell me I’m a half-passable entertaining storyteller, it would be good to be up there with the greats.

If you could spend one day as any literary character who would it be and why?

Tarzan. Have you seen Jane?

Now take a deep breath! I’m going to hand you over to Clara and Pudding, who are going to take it from here – brace yourself, they’re easily amused.

Are you posh or wot?

Are you insinuating that I could be Victoria Beckham?

What’s the longest word you can spell wiv out checkin’?

Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious (at least, I reckon that’s how you spell it).

[Not bad – only one letter out! It’s supercalifragilisticexpIalidocious! -LG]

‘ave you ever been harrested?

No. But the thought of being handcuffed and locked in a cell has definite appeal. Can you suggest any suitable crimes for me to commit?

What da’ya wan’ on ya grave-stone?

He hasn’t shown up yet.”

‘ave you ever used a gazunda?

When I was a child, yes. I have no idea why my parents would have one, nor why it was in my room.

What’s your favourite pie fillin’?

Fish (a combo of cod, mackerel and king prawns with a cheese topping)

How do ya’ like it?

With a glass of white wine, followed by a rather large malt whisky.

Can ya sing and what songs do ya know?

No. I was expelled from the school choir, because they said I sang in my boots. I reckon that comment was what started me going barefoot. If I wasn’t wearing boots I thought they might let me back in the choir, right? They didn’t!

What about folk dancin’ ‘ave you ever tried it and did you get injurered?

Hhhmmm, I’m rackin’ my brains now (or should that be wrackin’?). I don’t remember folk dancing, no. I’ve danced with folk, however.

‘Do you ‘ave a party piece & what is it?

Not nowadays. When I was a teenager, though, my party piece was pulling. No…not muscles, you know what I mean; stop feigning ignorance

Would you like some of these apples…. what aren’t stolen, honest?

Definitely not. Apples are the fruit of the devil, unless they’ve been pressed and fermented. Now, if you were to offer me oranges, bananas or grapes, however…

Do you have a fab’lous hat?Stewart Bint with fab'lous hat

Oh yes! It was a hat I received for completing the Amis Sans Shoes 10k barefoot walk for charity.

What’d be worse one twelve foot mole, or twelve moles with only one foot?

Oh, definitely the latter. They’d just sit there on my lawn like individual molehills and I could charge people to come in and see them.

If someone gives you an empty collander, what do you do wiv it?

Remember your question about a fab’lous hat? I’ve now got two.

What’s your plan in the case of a zombie apocalypse?

Bring my speedy perambulation skills to the fore.

The shameless plugs

Facebook: https://en-gb.facebook.com/StewartBintAuthor

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AuthorSJB

Amazon author page: UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Stewart-Bint/e/B00D18IARS

USA: https://www.amazon.com/Stewart-Bint/e/B00D18IARS

Creativia author page: http://www.creativia.org/author-stewart-bint.html


Website: https://stewartbintauthor.weebly.com/

Blog: https://stewartbintauthor.weebly.com/stewart-bints-blog

youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9HuW3mS3pxX9ljW0syqS1w

Buy links: (Amazon): https://www.amazon.co.uk/Stewart-Bint/e/B00D18IARS


Any upcoming promos/giveaways?
Not at the moment. But watch this space.

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