Up Close and Kind of Personal …with Simone Beaudelaire

with LG Surgeson &

Clara Euphemista Cropper & Bread and Butter Pudding with Custard The Goblin

aka as ‘The Amazing Bazooka Sisters’ .

22850170_483349738714844_263280545_oGive us your name & any known aliases

My writing name is Simone Beaudelaire but in that mystical place called Real Life, I’m called Kat

Summarise your bio in no more than 100 characters

The relationship screw-up writes her way out of a bad spot and finally gets it right.

Tell us about your current work?

My current work is a dark paranormal western historical romance called Devilfire. It tells the story of a small-town Texas doctor who gets himself in over his head while cleaning up after a suspicious fire and running into the strangest – and most intriguing – woman he has ever met.Simone Beaudelaire

Have you got anything else out at the moment?

I have about twenty romance novels available on Amazon. I do paranormal, historical and contemporary, as the mood strikes me.

We know you’re a writer, what else do you do?

I teach English at a small community college in the Midwestern United States.

Who’s your writing hero and why?

Mary Jo Putney. She proves that romance doesn’t have to be sappy or formulaic. It can be powerful, hard-hitting, emotional and real.

If you could have been the author of any book in history which one do you wish you’d written and why?

Eh, I’m having more fun writing as me.

Tell us about your writing rituals – do you write in your Pjs, in your garden, in the pub or in the altogether?

Every morning I wake up at stupid thirty and try to psych myself up to write but end up staring at Facebook instead. However, after a nearly year-long hiatus at the end of my pregnancy and after the birth of my baby, I’m happy to be writing at all.

When it comes to language do you have a pet hate?

I hate… German. Actually, no, not really. I don’t like gratuitous vulgarity. If it fits, fine. If not, leave it out

When did you first realise you had a story to tell?

I’ve always known. I’ve been imagining myself in romantic or adventurous scenarios since I was a kid.

What makes you feel like a real author?

Who says I do? 

What do your family think of your writing – be honest!

My husband loves and supports my writing. My kids are okay with it. My extended family is somewhat embarrassed of me.


Now take a deep breath! I’m going to hand you over to Clara and Pudding, who are going to take it from here – brace yourself, they’re easily amused.

Are you posh or wot?

Posh? Who me? Nah. I have four kids. No time for posh

What’s the longest word you can spell wiv out checkin’?

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. {spot on! -LG}

‘ave you ever been harrested?

I’m too boring for that.

What da’ya wan’ on ya grave-stone?

She helped some folks and entertained others. Her kids grew up well.

‘ave you ever used a gazunda?

XXXX awaiting follow up. 

What’s your favourite pie fillin’?

Cherry. I make it myself.

How do ya’ like it?

The pie filling? In pie of course.

Can ya sing and what songs do ya know?

Singing is my other hobby. I like Renaissance-era motets and madrigals.

{I thought she said she weren’t posh!! – Clara.}

What about folk dancin’ ‘ave you ever tried it and did you get injurered?

American folk dancing, and no, I managed not to get hurt.

Would you like some of these apples…. what aren’t stolen, honest?

Are they Macintosh? 

Do you have a fab’lous hat? 

Hats make my nose look big.

{You know what they say about big noses don’t ya? – Pudding. Shut up Pudding – Clara}

What’d be worse one twelve foot mole, or twelve moles with only one foot?

Ugh. None of the above, but if you want to talk about giant moles, my husband wrote about one, I think.

If someone gives you an empty collander, what do you do wiv it?

Make spaghetti. 

What’s your plan in the case of a zombie apocalypse?

Sit and wait. I’m too fat to run and too lazy to start the whole world over again

The shameless plugs

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/simone.beaudelaire.5


Amazon author page:


Creativia page: https://www.creativia.org/romance-author-simone-beaudelaire.html

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