Up Close and Kind of Personal…

A series of interviews featuring Indie Authors. If you’d like to take part contact LG Surgeson by commenting on this blog, posting on her FB page or haranguing her in the street.

Part 1 will be sensible questions asked by LG Surgeson and Part 2 will be questions put together by Clara Cropper & Pudding The Goblin (sorry) … although they will only be allowed to ask the clean ones…

With thanks to:  Janine Pestel – our first victim and the other game guests:

Stewart Bint  Mari Collier, David Melville Edwards, Sarah Marie Graye,  Marnie Cate, Simone Beaudalaire and Lorelei Bell

Just to show she’s a good sport, LG has answered Clara & Pudding’s Questions here:

Are you posh or wot?
No I’m bloody not. Do I sound posh to you? 

What’s the longest word you can spell wiv out checkin’?
Elastic! (it stretches…haha)

‘ave you ever been harrested?
No I have not, who do you think I am? 

What da’ya wan’ on ya grave-stone?
I have no idea…”Go away, I’m sleeping?

‘ave you ever used a gazunda?

What’s your favourite pie fillin’?
Chicken and Ham, or if you’re talking sweet pies Rhubarb

How do ya’ like it?
Like a well boiled ham. 

Can ya sing and what songs do ya know?
Yes I can sing, and I know lots of songs

What about folk dancin’ ‘ave you ever tried it and did you get injurered?
Yes, I’ve done folk dancing of various sorts and I once got hit over the head with a stick during Morris Dancing rehearsals. 

‘Do you ‘ave a party piece & what is it?
I can fit my whole fist in my mouth

Would you like some of these apples…. what aren’t stolen, honest?
No I wouldn’t, take them back. 

Do you have a fab’lous hat?
No. I don’t do hats. 

What’d be worse one twelve foot mole, or twelve moles with only one foot?
Worse in what way? The 12 foot mole would be more dangerous, the twelve moles with one foot each would be more distressing… where do you get these questions? 

If someone gives you an empty collander, what do you do wiv it?
Put it on my head – what else would you do with it? Improvised head gear isn’t the same as a hat. 

What’s your plan in the case of a zombie apocalypse?

Should any Indie Authors want to submit themselves to similar humiliation in the name of publicity feel free to get in touch by commenting on this blog!

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