The Chronicles’ World & Author

The stories revolve around a group of Adventurers who are members of The Adventurers Guild of Aberddu – pronounced A-ber-thee – Welsh for ‘mouth of the black river’.

Aberddu is a trading port on the edge of a vast and troubled continent on which politician, war-mongers, demons and petulant gods create strife seemingly willy-nilly. The city, as a melting pot, draws more than it’s far share of intrigue and trouble and the Adventurers have a talent for working their way in to the centre of it all.

The Adventurers may have dubious skills and unfortunate personality traits, they may be insubordinate, offensively pious or  self-righteous beyond belief but they are hell-bent on sorting it all out and trying to make some cash on the way. They travel to far-flung places to kill new and interesting people, most of which are evil and are then forced to walk home and pick up the pieces. Life is not kind to them, but some how they survive.

It’s a mad, mad world – but somebody’s got to save it.

There are lots of ways to join the adventure check out a few of them here:

The Chronicles

The Writer

Their Publisher



Find out for yourself,   What kind of adventurer are you? 


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