LG Surgeson

LG Surgeson is a writer and teacher who lives in a cottage with a garden full of fairies, by a river in the middle of Wales. She lives there with her long-suffering partner and their three cats – Ocean, Terminal Curiosity and Trouble the Kitten.

They like Mid-Wales because it’s better than the real world. She writes in her pyjamas, in the time she creates by avoiding housework and socialising. The cats like to help. They aren’t very good at it.



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LG hasn’t always lived in the wilds of mid-Wales. She was born in 1980 in Durban, South Africa and emigrated to the UK at the tender age of four. She grew up in sight of the Isle of Wight, right on the south coast of England, which was as far North as her folks could be bothered to go. She ended up in Wales when she was eighteen – after going away to university in Aberystwyth and stubbornly refusing to leave when she had finished her degree.

LG writes a lot. She writes because she can’t help it, and when she’s not writing she drives her partner and the cats mad by moaning about the fact that she’s not writing. Being a novelist is a life-long dream of hers, since she fell in love with Jo Marsh in Little Women when she was very small. She has always written stories, her first book about a naughty kitten was completed at the tender age of seven and illustrated by her mother. From then on, it went from bad to worse.

She writes novels, blog posts and articles. She believes it’s important to write about what you know so the novels she writes are either fantasy adventures or semi-autobiographical stories about teachers. Both are equally believable. Currently, the first three novels in The Black River Chronicles are available to the public at large, with more to follow as soon as she writes them. These are definitely fantasy – you can tell because they have significantly more goblins.

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