About the Stories & their Author

This is a blog for readers of The Black Chronicles – a series that follows the exploits of The Aberddu Guild of Adventurers – a rag-tag collection of mercenaries, thieves, priests and misguided hero-types that seem to find themselves standing in the path of destiny with worrying frequency. It’s an odd life as an adventurer, particularly when you joined up for fame and fortune and find yourself thrown into something far less pleasant. Well, you know what they say – It’s a mad world, but someone’s got to save it.

The author is LG Surgeson:
LG was born in 1980 in Durban South Africa, but shortly afterwards found herself being whisked North to a childhood in Southern England. Leaving the comfort of the family home for a life in the wilds of West Wales, she studied Physics and Maths at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth before qualifying as a teacher in 2004. Since then, she has been gainfully occupied trying to convince teenagers that maths isn’t evil and failing to move out of West Wales and back to the real world.
In the spare time she creates by not sleeping properly, she writes fantasy and fiction novels.

Due to the bizarre nature of the writer – the series is not being written in any sensible order. This gives the chronology of the series, although four of the books are already available and  the majority of the stories stand alone.

The Series so far:

Book 1: Summer of Fire – available on Kindle

Book 2 : The Winter That Follows – available on Kindle

Book 3: The Freetown Bridge – available on Kindle

Book 4: The Fireborn Road (In progress)

Book 5: Dawn of Darkness – available on Kindle

Book 6: In Shadows, Waiting – available on Kindle

Book 7:Black Night Falling (under development)

Book 8: Wild Fire Rising (under development)

Side stories:

Rattatat – (in progress)

The Duchess’ Pleasure – (in development)

The Tales of Spoon – (in progress)


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